Broadband Shack Case Study

How I achieved 210% organic traffic increase in the first 3 Months.

Wilso Designs partnered with the Broadband Shack to develop and rebrand a new website and SEO strategy. Our efforts encompassed in-depth research, targeted keyword development and the implementation of technical SEO practices.

Their Story

Understanding the project and bespoke requirements

Broadband shack were familiar with SEO after running a 3-year-long campaign and seeing little results. They came to Wilso Designs to try a different approach and have a brand-new website and branding designed. The results in the first month have been unbeatable.


What the client had to say...

“I have worked with Dan previously on a few projects and was also over the moon. We have now moved all our sites over to Them and only a few weeks in, but I am super super happy with the results so far. Looking forward to seeing what the future brings. 6* all day long.”

The Results

Starting from scratch and doing it properly.

Wilso’s redesign of the Broadband Shacks website and implementation of a new SEO strategy had a significant impact on the website’s traffic. Within the first two months, the traffic increased by a remarkable 210%.

The redesign included a more user-friendly layout, improved navigation, and better organization of content.

Additionally, We implemented a new SEO strategy that involved optimizing the website for relevant keywords, improving page speed, and enhancing the user experience.

These changes helped to increase the website’s visibility and relevance in search engine results pages, resulting in more traffic and higher engagement.

Overall, Wilso’s efforts resulted in a successful website redesign and improved SEO strategy that significantly boosted the traffic to Broadband Shacks.

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